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About Josiah's Fire

"No known cause. No known cure. Lifelong.”

When Tahni Cullen’s two-year old son, Josiah, is diagnosed with severe autism, she feels like they have been handed a prison sentence. How could a good God have allowed this to happen, and how can Tahni find hope for their future?

Five years later, Josiah, who is non-verbal and has not been formally taught to read or write, suddenly types on his iPad profound sentences about the Trinity, heaven, and strangers whose lives he understood. Josiah’s ongoing encounters launch his parents and the rest of us into a whole new world.

  • Catch a fresh glimpse of heaven.
  • Be more aware of the workings of angels.
  • See the "cloud of witnesses" in an exciting light.
  • Learn to hear and trust God’s voice.

About The Good Gift Giver

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17 NIV

Joe and Tahni Cullen’s life spun into supernatural mode when their seven-year-old, nonverbal autistic son, Josiah, who had never been traditionally taught to read or write, suddenly typed his first independent sentence on an iPad: God is a good gift giver.

As told in the book Josiah’s Fire, God unlocked Josiah’s spiritual senses to the deep joys of heaven—renewing their hope, joy, and excitement for God’s Word, power, and presence. Josiah’s gems on their Josiah’s Fire Facebook page delight people from around the world with his wise, thought-provoking insights.

This 21-day devotional unites three inspired voices—Tahni Cullen, Josiah Cullen, and Cheryl Ricker—as they share Josiah’s revelatory quotes, personal stories, Scripture for meditation, and prompts for reflection. You will see that blessings come in unexpected forms, personally prepared for you by the good gift giver himself. When received as gifts, these blessings will increase your gratitude, joy, and hope.


“Josiah’s Fire is a must-read. You will be encouraged, compelled, and deeply moved to see God’s love and power in and through little Josiah. As you ponder this young autistic boy’s amazing visitations and revelations, heavenly dimensions and mysteries of the kingdom of God will be revealed to you."

Patricia King

Author, television host, and founder of Patricia King Ministries, www.patriciaking.com

“In the mystery and majesty of God, He divinely places His glory in clay pots. Indeed, His grace is sufficient and even magnified in our weaknesses. Occasionally, it seems the Lord takes extra efforts to display His wonders. Such is the case in the life of young Josiah. This precious pure vessel is a steward of a mighty gift from the Holy Spirit. Get ready because the authentic testimonies in this mind-blowing book will leave you shocked, stunned, and hungry for more of God.”

Dr. James W. Goll

Founder of God Encounters, Life Language trainer, and international best-selling author

“Families are struggling. This out-of-this-world book offers fresh hope.”

Dr. Kevin Leman

New York Times best-selling author of The Birth Order Book

“Have you ever wondered if God, heaven, and angels are actually real? If so, you will enjoy Josiah's Fire, a fascinating true story of a little boy caught in the grip of autism. Everything comes crashing down on the Cullen family—until Josiah learns to communicate. Although Josiah is limited in his physical body by autism, his writings impact the world. Get ready to encounter a sign and a wonder as you learn God’s ways through the eyes and ears of this young messenger!”

Brian and Candice Simmons

The Passion Translation Project

“Don’t miss this profound book! Josiah’s Fire is a captivating true account of a family that encountered faith, hope, and a vision of the heavenlies through an extraordinary journey with their autistic son. This book is not only for families of children with disabilities—it’s a dramatic, spellbinding story that will increase your desire to draw closer to God and hear his voice, and it will deepen your longing for heaven.”

Carol Kent

Internationally-acclaimed speaker and award-winning author of When I Lay My Isaac Down

“Josiah's Fire is one of those books you can’t put down. A family faces a profound challenge, but a small child leads the way in a beautiful, hope-filled journey to a new way of living and looking at faith, love, and the way the universe just might really work (if we could only see the world as Josiah does). Josiah is an unlikely poet and prophet, and I’m certain you’ll fall in love with him as I did.”

Susy Flory

New York Times author or coauthor of eleven books, including the runaway bestseller, Thunder Dog

"Josiah’s Fire opened a whole new world of thinking to me, making me ponder how God moves and communicates to those who have ears to hear. I found myself rapt with attention as I moved from page to page, often on the verge of tears, often on the verge of laughing out loud. Why “on the verge”? Because what I read awed me to the degree that it was near impossible to cry or laugh. This excellently written book will give hope to many. Truly a story that had to be told."

Mike Shreve

Pastor, evangelist, and bestselling author of 65 Promises from God for Your Child and In Search of the True Light

“Josiah’s Fire is the breath of heaven released through one boy on earth. Josiah’s amazing supernatural journey is filled with life-altering God-encounters and angelic visitations. The Father chose Josiah as an emissary to share revelation directly from the throne. He shares many truths about heaven and the nature of the triune God. Through Josiah’s parents’ struggle with their son’s autistic personality, God reveals his love and concern for all people, no matter what handicaps or difficulties they face. Full of hope and love, these pages will empower you to live from victory to victory.”

Joan Hunter

Author and evangelist, www.JoanHunter.org

“Josiah’s Fire is informative, compelling, and poignant, immediately drawing readers into a wild, fascinating ride with the Cullen family. Biblical truth meets heartfelt joy when little Josiah sees and hears in a realm that’s unavailable to most of us. This is one of the most inspiring true stories I have come across in a very long time.”

Kathi Macias

Speaker and award-winning author of more than fifty books, www.kathimacias.com

“What this young autistic boy teaches us about heaven and earth is mind-boggling and fascinating as it lifts the veil between two worlds. Tahni Cullen will never get over the diagnosis that changed her family forever, but through the devastation, a miracle is born. Josiah gives his mom, and all the rest of us, a glimpse into that place where painfilled people can laugh again. Cheryl Ricker, a masterful storyteller of true stories, coauthors this intriguing tale of supernatural touches and crazy love. Brace yourself: Josiah’s Fire will grip you with holy flames from the first few words.”

Anita Agers Brooks

CPT, CCS, CLTF, common trauma expert, international speaker, and award-winning author of Getting through What You Can’t Get Over

“Wow. Josiah’s Fire. Total wonderment. It is otherworldly, utterly remarkable, nearly unbelievable. And yet, I humbly and reverently believe in a God who can do anything, with anyone, at any time, and in any way he sees fit. Few are graced with gifts as special as have been given to this precious boy. I can’t help but stand in awe of the Good Gift-Giver himself. To God be the glory. Great things he is doing through this amazing family’s must-read story.”

Cheri Keaggy

Dove Award-winning recording artist, songwriter, speaker, blo gger, www.cherikeaggy.com

"I’ve learned that the ones who society considers least, God often uses most. And adversity often puts us on God’s varsity. Josiah is no exception. This remarkable lad has autism, but autism doesn’t have him! There’s no limit to what God can do with a totally surrendered life. This powerful book will stretch and propel you on your journey with Jesus. Buy one for yourself and ten to give away! Your friends will thank you for it.”

Frank Shelton

Author, Fox News contributor, Washington, DC field representative for My Hope with Billy Graham and the Franklin Graham Decision America Tour

“Scripture states we must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. Josiah’s Fire is a story of redemption, hope, and God’s big love speaking through a speechless little boy with autism. Young Josiah has a spiritual depth unmatched by many adults, and a knowledge of heaven not found in books. It’s also a story of a mother’s love, persistence, and sacrifice to help the world hear words her son cannot vocalize. Brilliant writing turns this true story into a page-turning, awe-inspiring glimpse into a gifted mind and a miracle-performing God. You’ll want to read this book even if you don’t know about autism but want to know more about heaven.”

Janet Thompson

Founder of Woman to Woman Mentoring, speaker, freelance editor, and author of eighteen books, including Forsaken God? Remembering the Goodness of God Our Culture Has Forgotten

“Josiah’s Fire is an amazing experience! Through a surprising and unusual communication method, a young boy struggling with severe autism opens a world of stunning intelligence, mysterious insights - and heaven. The descriptions of angelic activity are extremely convincing. But more than that, you’ll view God through new eyes. Josiah will hold you spellbound with his beyond-captivating experiences in heaven that are both revelatory and revolutionary. Very few books have held me captive, making me sacrifice sleep and time - but this book did! Read it and you’ll find yourself more empowered to joyfully participate with heaven on earth.”

Mark Hendrickson

Dwelling Place Ministries, author of Supernatural Provision

“Touching! Riveting! Inspirational … hard to put it down. I highly recommend Josiah’s Fire!”

Dr. Jeffrey Seif

Distinguished Professor of Biblical and Jewish Studies, Kings University

“I am a journalist and a skeptic and can spot a fake a mile away. Believe me, Josiah Cullen is no fake. Without knowing a thing about me, Josiah wrote twenty-three details of my life that no one could have possibly known except through the Spirit of God. This ten-year-old, non-verbal autistic boy gave me messages that changed my life, always bringing me back to Jesus and the Word of God. Josiah’s Fire is life changing from start to finish and had me in tears before I finished the Prologue.”

Max Davis

Author of more than thirty books, including Dead Dog Like Me and When Jesus Was a Green-Eyed Brunette

“As Josiah’s former ABA therapist, I had the pleasure of witnessing his hard work and courage. After Josiah’s communication breakthrough, Tahni and I discussed the validity of his statements, and Josiah and I typed letters back and forth about his challenges, desires, and fears. Josiah is a great example of how a soul lies beyond the physical, and why it is so vital to treat all children with equity and worth. These children have abilities that can revolutionize people who are open to receive their gifted messages. Josiah’s voice opens doors to spiritual understanding, and I am excited for him to share it with the world.”

Kimberly Zeszutek MANCC LPC Intern

Filtering Light Counseling in Portland Oregon

“I couldn’t put it down. Josiah’s Fire is a story of hope and joy in the midst of pain. The entertaining and refreshing stories make you look at life through new lenses. Josiah’s insights are amazing. His life reminds us that it’s a blessing to look at light over darkness and that we don’t need to let our pain and disabilities hinder us from our God-given destinies.”

Dr. Gershom Sikaala

Author of You Shall Live and A New Dimension of Glory, www.gershomsikaala.org

“I am privileged to know Tahni Cullen personally. She is a woman of the Word and prayer, who loves God deeply and lives what she believes. A few weeks after I first met Tahni, her nine-year-old son, Josiah, gave me a powerful message that spoke profoundly and personally about my ministry and the people-group I work with thousands of miles away. Josiah’s words were so unbelievably accurate that they reduced me to tears and awe-struck worship of God. Each chapter of Josiah’s Fire helps us better understand a personal, ever-present God who longs to communicate with us, redeem our pain, and draw us closer to his heart.”

Rev. Ruth Tuttle Conard

Author of Designer Women: Made by God

“It is impossible that any young child, let alone a child with autism, could ever contain this level of remarkable insight. Truly, Josiah has been given a gift directly from the Lord. A gift that will grow, transform, and teach others to see and understand God’s treasures in the deep places. I highly recommend this beautiful, transparent, page-turner story of a grappling family that finds radical hope in the most surprising way.”

Paul Rapley

International Healing Evangelist, www.PaulRapley.com

“I have known the Cullen family for fifteen years, and Tahni is a trusted friend and ministry partner, who I have watched respond in obedience to God in the most trying circumstances. I know how incredibly difficult it was for her to face the risks of sharing this story. Tahni cared more about God’s thoughts toward her than anything else. Each chapter, rich in the reality of God’s love and presence, is a reassurance that our ‘yes’ to God is always worth it.”

Susan Lennartson

Minister, Author, Speaker, Coach, grandmother in touch with autism

“This compelling, beautifully written true story unveils what can happen when an ordinary family is thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Not only does Josiah’s Firesing with uniqueness, style, and all the right story elements of a notable page-turner, but it grabs your heart from start to finish and won’t let go.”

Denise George

Author of thirty books, nonfiction writing teacher, www.bookwritingbootcamp.org

“Amazing, inspiring, true story about my new favorite little boy, Josiah. This book shouts from the mountaintops that nothing is impossible with God! When you buy this book, be sure to get a second copy for someone who struggles to trust him. Step by step, you’ll be blown away by the honest fact that God not only has a detailed plan for you and your family members—but also that he loves to fulfill his plan for those with less than perfect faith. Read this book, and you will proclaim as I did, ‘Is there anything too difficult for our God?”

Steve Shultz

Founder of The Elijah List

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About Author

Tahni Cullen

Tahni Cullen is a people-lover, blogger, and conference speaker, who brings a powerful message of hope and restoration.

Tahni worked thirteen years at a multi-campus church in the Twin Cities of Minnesota where she served in communication arts, and as a ministry director. She is a freelance marketer who also performs in an original live variety show for women's events.

Tahni and her producer husband, Joe, created an award-winning documentary called Surprised by Autism. They live with their son, Josiah, in Saint Paul, where they enjoy exploring Minnesota’s museums and destinations.

Cheryl Ricker

Cheryl Ricker is an author, blogger, speaker, and poet who enjoys all things artsy. She writes supernatural true-life stories that ignite people’s passion to pursue God. Her first book of this genre, Rush of Heaven: One Woman’s Miraculous Encounter with Jesus, reveals that with God, all things are possible.

Cheryl studied creative writing from York University in Toronto, Ontario, and theology at Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.

When Cheryl is not writing books, painting in watercolors, or sharing her faith, she loves having heart-to-heart conversations with her husband and two sons at their home in southeast Minnesota. You can visit her site at www.cherylricker.com